Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a payment?

Payment can be made by e-transfer, cheque or money order.  Please send e-transfers to Please indicate the campers name when sending e-transfers.  Cheques and money orders can be mailed to:

Cathy VanderStoep
c/o Silver Lake Camp
94 Kildonan Cres.
Waterdown, ON
L8B 0P8

When is payment due for camp?

Upon registration, there is a $50 deposit required.  Registration is complete when FULL payment is received.  Payment is due before June 1st.  There are no deductions made for campers arriving late or leaving early, and no refund after June 1st.

When are Drop-Off time and Pick-Up time for campers?

Registration opens at 2 pm and Pick-Up is at 7 pm. There are 2 exceptions: River Wild (11 am Pick-Up) and Youth Camp (4 pm Drop-Off and 11 am Pick-Up).

What do I do once I arrive at camp for Registration Day?

On Registration Day you will go to the front of the Dining Hall to check-in your camper(s). Registration opens at 2 pm. Once checked in, campers and their parents can proceed to the back of the Dining Hall for lice check unless directed to go see the nurse.

Campers who need to see the nurse will go into the Dining Hall to check in with the nurse and hand over any medications. Afterwards, they can proceed to lice check.

Once checked, you will receive your camper(s) cabin number. You can then help your camper(s) move into their cabin and meet their cabin counsellor.

*Wilderness Campers can then go directly to our Wilderness Site. Staff are available to direct you where to go*

Once moved in, campers will head to the large field where they will play games until all campers have arrived. Parents are free the leave during this time.

There will be lots of staff available on registration day to help direct and guide you and answer any questions you may have.

If we aren’t Christians, can we still attend Silver Lake Camp?

Absolutely! Silver Lake is an inclusive camp open to people of all cultural and religious backgrounds. Children and youth at Silver Lake will participate in daily sessions and evening vespers to learn more about Jesus and to grow in their faith. However, each child and youth are free to hold their own opinions during these times; it is up to each individual to explore their own faith at their own pace and Silver Lake respects that.

My Camper has dietary needs, can you accommodate?

Our experienced and talented kitchen team are happy to accommodate most food allergies and dietary needs. When registering please remember to fill out any dietary needs on your child’s health form. If you have any questions regarding the food served, allergies or dietary needs please send your questions to Aleasha Grose at

Do I need to send extra money or snacks to camp?

Nope! Tuck money is included in the registration fees. Each camper receives a dollar a day to purchase candy, chips, and/or freezes. Campers and parents can purchase t-shirts, hats, water bottles and other merchandise on Registration and Pick-Up Day.

Can my camper request to be in the same cabin with his/her friend or sibling?

 Absolutely! There is a box on the registration form where you can request up to 2 cabin mates.

Is there a nurse at camp?

A Registered Nurse joins our staff each week of the summer. Our Nurse’s provide care and are available to all campers and staff. Please note that most first aid and medications at our Wilderness program are distributed by trained staff and not the RN on site.

I am worried about sending my child to an overnight camp, how can I be sure that my child will be safe?

At Silver Lake Camp, the safety of our campers and staff are our number one priority. Our leaders are carefully chosen and are required to attend a full week of training, while senior staff participate in 2 full weeks of training. Training includes sessions on health and safety, camper care, emergency response, and policies and procedures. Silver Lake staff are a minimum of 17 years of age, and most are college and university students or recent graduates.

In addition, a Registered Nurse is on site at all times and our camper to staff supervision ratio often exceed OCA regulations for all camping activities. We also hire fully qualified lifeguards who have their NLS. Lifeguards provide supervision and care for all waterfront activities as well as other activities at camp.

If an emergency situation arises, Silver Lake Camp is just 15 minutes away from the closest hospital.

Whether they are having fun by the lake, enjoying some free time or winding down in the cabin at night, campers are under staff supervision at all times.

Still not sure? We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at

Does Silver Lake offer any type of financial assistance?

Silver Lake has a financial assistance program in place! To apply, please email Aleasha Grose at

You may also want to contact your local church or community organization for financial assistance.

What should I pack for a week of camp?

Please download our ‘What to Pack’ list for more information.