The Next Step

Junior Leaders (Age 15-16)

Hello Junior Leaders!

We are looking forward to your arrival. Below is some helpful information.

Arrival Time:

Drop-off: 7 pm, Friday, August 6th

Pick-up: 7 pm, Wednesday, August 11th

It is expected that you will have eaten dinner before arrival. We will be having a snack later that night, but we will not have a meal for you. When you arrive we will meet you on the tarmac and complete our registration process.

Parents are asked to remain masked and distanced from other families during both pick-up and drop-off. Campers are asked to wear masks upon arrival until everyone has arrived and registered, at which point we will be able to unmask and operate as a cohort.

COVID Protocols

Please review the COVID safety plan (blue button above) for our complete rules and protocols.

It is important to note that you are expected to limit exposure to those outside your household as much as possible in the 14 days before camp (starting July 23rd). You are also required to provide a negative PCR, non-rapid test within 72 hours of coming to camp. When you arrive we will conduct a secondary, antigen rapid test to confirm negative tests.

Once everyone has arrived, completed the rapid test, and is moved in we will become a new single cohort. This means that we will be able to interact freely without masks or social distancing! There will be times where there will be support staff from outside our bubble present. They will be masked and socially distanced in all interactions with us.

What to Pack

Here is a list of things you should bring:

  • masks (multiple in case they get dirty or wet)

  • sleeping bag and pillow

  • warm clothes for the evening, but lighter clothes (i.e. shorts, t-shirt etc.) for the afternoon.

  • sleepwear

  • bathing suit and towel

  • toiletries

  • sunscreen, bug spray, hat etc.

  • running shoes and sandals

  • flashlight

  • raingear

  • bible

  • note-book/pen

  • Show ‘n Tell item!

Technology Policy

We ask that you please leave your technology at home. This includes cell phones, iPods, tablets etc. We want to make sure that we are using our time to be fully present and connect with one another, and not be distracted. If you would like to bring your phone to take photos or use it as an alarm, you may do so; however, we ask that you leave the SIM card at home. Of course, if you need a phone to contact your parents etc. you will be able to use the camp phone. Thank you for helping make this the best experience possible for everyone – yourself included!

Applications for the 2021 season are closed.