If you like sleeping outdoors, cooking over an open fire, playing intense games in the forest, and canoeing pretty much everywhere you go… then our Wilderness Camps are just for you!

Wilderness camps offer so much – learning new wilderness skills, cooking meals outside, building your own lean-to’s, canoe training, and plenty more awesome opportunities that are always fun and exciting.

As a Wilderness camper, you will start your week off at Site II where you will have an amazing time playing with our ropes course, sliding into our mud pit, and battling each other in a legendary game of sponge wars! Fantastic campouts happen deep in the forest, and this is a great time to play intense camp games, have awesome campfires, and explore God’s creation in a fun and exciting way.

With a maximum of 20 campers each camp, you will be sure to get to know each other well!



Embark on a thrilling journey with Wild Adventure, a weeklong camp designed to ignite your camper’s passion for the great outdoors! Throughout the week, campers will master essential skills like building lean-tos, navigating a canoe stern, and crafting delicious meals over an open fire. The excitement continues with adventures at our ropes course, waterfront swims, mud pit play, slip n’ slide thrills, and epic games and camp outs at Site 3. Beyond the activities, campers grow in faith through engaging sessions and worship, fostering deep connections with friends new and old. Don’t miss out on the summer highlight – Wild Adventure is where the fun and learning collide for an experience that will be the talk of your summer!

WILD THINGS (Ages 12-14)

Experience the heart of wilderness adventure with Wild Things – your ultimate week of excitement at Silver Lake! This week-long camp unfolds the best of Silver Lake Wilderness, inviting participants to build lean-tos, embark on captivating canoe adventures, swing through the low ropes course, and acquire practical and thrilling wilderness skills. From cooking mouthwatering meals over the campfire to forming lasting friendships, Wild Things promises an unforgettable escape. Amid the adventures, participants will explore personal growth in faith through engaging sessions and worship. Don’t miss out on a week filled with friendship, faith, outdoor skills, and unforgettable moments at Wild Things!

WILD ESCAPE (Ages 12-14)

Wild Escape: Unplug, Explore, Thrive! Immerse yourself in the ultimate outdoor adventure where Wild Escape campers learn practical wilderness skills, from crafting shelters to cooking over open fires, while navigating land and water activities at Sites 2 and 3. Indulge in fireside feasts, waterfront wonders, and thrilling adventures at the ropes course, mud pit, and archery zone. Beyond the activities, campers grow in faith through engaging sessions and worship, fostering deep connections with friends new and old. Escape screens, embrace the wilderness, and join our tight-knit community for a week of unforgettable moments at Wild Escape!

RIVER WILD (Ages 13-15)

For those who love canoeing and being out on the water, this camp is an incredible adventure.
This 5-night camp features a 4-day, 3-night canoe trip down the Saugeen River. You will be sleeping under the stars, cooking over the open fire, and experiencing the world around you in a whole new way.
This camp begins at Silver Lake where campers and staff will spend a day packing, training, and getting ready for the River while having lots of fun! Campers will sleep 3 nights at certified Ontario campgrounds along the Saugeen River and cook their meals over the campfire. The trip will end with one final fun night at Silver Lake!

(Note that there is limited space available and all campers must have some previous canoeing experience.)